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Friday, June 25, 2010

USA - Ghana, Tomorrow 2pm

The final group stage games were played out today, with the final 2 in the second half right now. (Spain 2 - Chile 1, Switzerland 0 - Honduras 0). The Brazil-Portugal 0-0 tie was extremely disappointing. Neither team really had to do anything, but I can imagine the 64,000 that packed in to see the action were quite dejected after the lackluster performance.

Tomorrow begins the knockout stages, starting with the USA-Ghana game at 2pm on ABC. Even if you didn't care about the World Cup before now, you should start caring. In 2006, the US lost their final group stage match against Ghana 2-1, and now have a perfect shot at revenge. Riding the momentum from Landon Donovan's goal in the 91st minute against Algeria, the US will look to keep their attacking game sharp against a newly defensive-minded Black Stars squad.

The game will be as tense as any match, with the US knowing that they have one of the best shots at a potential semi-finals appearance. The winner of this next game will go on to face the winner of Uruguay-South Korea, a match that the US would be favored in. Find some friends, tune in to ABC tomorrow, and get crazy.


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