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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Reason to Love Baseball

Omar Vizquel is about to turn 43 in April, but that's not going to change what he does around 7:05 every night. The Chicago White Sox just signed one of the best shortstops in the game in November, and the biggest problem with the signing has been what number Vizquel will have across his back. His usual number 13 was taken by his fellow countryman and now manager, Ozzie Guillen. That was when the only Venezuelan Hall of Famer made a call to the organization, and told them to unretire his number 11.

Omar Vizquel didn't believe it at first, and had to call back to see if Luis Aparicio was willing to do such a thing.

“If there is one player who I would like to see wear my uniform with the White Sox, it is Omar Vizquel,” Aparicio said.

So for at least the next year, the White Sox will have another Hall of Fame caliber shortstop donning the number 11, battling for the top spot in the AL Central.

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