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Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh When The Saints...

So ends another mediocre football season.

Super Bowl XLIV ended with the 'WHO DAT Nation' coming back to beat the Colts in rather convincing fashion 31-17. A rocky start for the Black and Gold, as the first quarter ended with them trailing 10-0. But Brees and Co. found a groove and starting chipping away. I actually started to get excited around the end of the third quarter, because I thought this game was going to be a nail-biter. Right around the Colts' last promising drive, I had a feeling someone was going to screw up. I thought the O-Line was going to break down and Peyton Manning would give up the game-ending fumble. But I was close, and instead he threw that Pick-Six and that sealed the deal.

I still have to give it to the Saints. Hell of a season, hell of a finish. If anybody wants to take a road trip down to New Orleans anytime before September, I heard there are some crazy parties going on there.

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