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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Best and Worst US Performances at the Games


Bode Miller - Will have to probably pay for his luggage being a little heavier after he won himself 3 medals in skiing events at the Games.

US Men's Hockey Team - Forced OT against powerhouse Team Canada, and won the silver medal (3 days AFTER the higher-ups for the team had booked flights for the team to head back to the US...there's some confidence) Good job to those guys for battling every minute of those games.

Evan Lysacek - Hell yeah. Beating the self-proclaimed God-King of the Ice, Evgeni Plushenko in Men's figure skating. I bet that Gold looks a lot better than platinum, huh Evan?

Shaun White - There's not really a lot I need to say. Humans don't do that, Shaun. They just can't.

Shani Davis - The 27-year old, 6'3" speed skater from Chicago, who's hobbies include Taekwondo and fishkeeping. Oh, and he's black. Take THAT, world.


Lindsey Jacobellis - If I had to see one more Vick's commercial with this girl in it... Busted right through a gate in Snowboard Cross. She better be booking a flight to Russia four years from now if she knows what she's doing with her life.

John Shuster - Not only embarrassed himself, but embarrassed my home nation in front of the world in one of the greatest sports to ever be played...Curling. 4 games in a row, Shuster. Not okay.

Apolo Ohno - Won a bronze and a silver in 2 other speed skating events, and he's only on the 'worst' list because of the doucher Canadian judge that DQ'd him in the 500m.

Johnny Weir - I don't even care, just know there are multiple reasons for his appearance on the 'worst' side.

Every country but America - For being silly and thinking they could get more medals than us.

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