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Friday, May 21, 2010

I Heart Prokhorov

This guy, right?! Made his fortune in Russia by selling stonewashed jeans. A few years and a few dollars later, he bought the New Jersey Nets for half a billion dollars.

Third pick in the NBA Draft isn't really what Mikhail Prokhorov, the 6'8" Russian owner of the Nets was looking for. So what is Prokhorov looking for? His team to become a global dynasty, to turn his team into an international powerhouse and win an NBA Championship within the next 5 years. Oh, and to have lunch with Jay-Z. Well, at least you can check that last one off the list. His latest endeavor?

"Let me ask you some questions. What about the name of the team? Is it okay, the Nets? Or do we have to try to find something new? I'm a foreigner, you know. I need your piece of advice. I can put Russian name and nobody knows what it is. I can put the name of a girlfriend and every time I change, I need to change the name of the team."

Talking to a group of reporters in Manhattan, he joked around and spitballed with the idea of re-naming the team. I'd love to see him bring in some real Russian stuff for the name. New Jersey Svedkas. New Jersey IvanDragos. Possibilities are endless!

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