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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Papelbon 50/50 Raffle

Even when he gets the job done, you still lose some sleep over it.

The Sox split with the Yankees in the latest 2-game series in the Bronx. After trailing the entire game, mostly by 5 runs, the Sox came back in the first game, only to see their lead squandered by Papelbon, giving up two 2-run shots to Alex Rodriguez and Marcus Thames (the walk-off).

Last night the Sox trailed most of the game by, surprise, 5 runs, but were able to turn it around against all odds and against Mariano Rivera. Papelbon came in for the ninth, and of course had to give up a run to make the game that much closer, but the came away with a save and a Sox victory.

As much as I want to, I can't give up on the Red Sox. They're finally starting to show a few signs of life, and Tacoby Bellsbury is coming back any day now. They're playing the Twins right now as I'm writing this, with Ortiz up in a big spot with 2 men on in the first. Scratch that, he popped out to left field.

Go Sox

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