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Saturday, May 8, 2010


Swept by the Orioles, the Red Sox were in desperate need of some home cookin'. The Sox were reborn in the Dirty Water of Fenway Park, embarking on a 4-game sweep of the Angels in which they scored 36 runs. Their record increased to 15-14, the first time they had had a winning record since Opening Night.

I starting writing this entry just before the start of today's (Saturday's game) and now that I've waited for the conclusion, I'm working to wipe the puke out of my keyboard before the keys get stuck together. Friday night, Beckett has them against the ropes for 3 innings, then pitches like he belongs in our bullpen, giving up 3 runs in the 4th, then another 6 in the 6th. Varitek got injured on a miscommunication over what pitch was being thrown with Beckett, Ortiz finally got a couple RBI, Beltre continued to suck, and the Human Laser Show went 0-5.

Today wasn't much better. The only positives were Darnell and V-Mart going yard for the offense, and on the defensive side, Beltre stayed true to form making his 7th error on the year. At this point, its practically an error every 4-5 games. I'm glad we got you for your glove though, you chump. Buchholz gave up 5 earned in 5 innings and was bailed out by a rain delay. Ramirez gave up a run, which was one more run than the outs he got. Schoeneweis gave up his usual 4 in 1.2 innings. Bard matched his one out with one run, and Jonathan Van Every made his second appearance on the mound, and gave up Teixeira's third bomb of the ball game.

10-3 on Friday
14-3 on Saturday.

Call me when the starting 9 comes back up from Pawtucket.

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