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Saturday, May 22, 2010

This Guy

This week's "This Guy?": American cyclist Floyd Landis. Coincidentally, also this week's Asshole. A few days ago, Landis made accusations that fellow countryman Lance Armstrong had been using banned performance-enhancing drugs while competing, teaching other cyclists to use drugs, and paying off racing officials, specifically those in charge of drug testing. He also told the media that Armstrong's personal trainer was one of the people who introduced him to doping.

Just this afternoon, Landis was spotted in a sponsor's tent taking in the Tour of California's 7th stage time trial, located in Thousand Oaks, CA. He kept his back to the hounding media, and threw yellow-jacketed security officers at the barking crowds.

"Floyd, you suck!" shouted one of Landis' on-lookers. Landis continued to eat his sandwich and stay oblivious to those surrounding him.

The fact that only one dude was brave enough to yell that shocks me. Accuse Lance of whatever you want, the world (except France) knows you're lying. Take one part Albert Pujols, one part Kobe Bryant, one part Alex Ovechkin, one part Peyton Manning, and one part Ronaldinho, and you still don't have the athlete that Lance Armstrong is. Hell, you only have what he's got in his left leg. Proof? Between all five of them, you have 7 championships. Just as many as Lance, and he did it by himself, seven years in a row, on a bike, for over 2,000 miles each time. Boom. Roasted.

In Armstrong's book, he tells a story about when he had to rush his wife to the hospital during her pregnancy. They hit a minor speed bump getting there... Lance was stopped and drug tested. He's untouchable, get off his back.

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