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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bitch I got a degree!

Gotta say this is exactly how I feel after getting my degree right now. Pointing at people ordering them to do my bidding and telling any nay sayers that "I can do whatever I want". Bitch I got a degree I'm tossing people in headlocks all day and threatening citizens arrests to whom ever I please.

Where does this lady get off talking about her constitutional rights and shit, lady show me a degree and maybe I'll give you the time of day. Also who the fuck is this street doctor? is that like Newarks version of a witch doctor? I think the real story here revolves around this shady character. He was probably patrolling for albino's, come on people think out side the box, get a degree, then call me.

This leads me to an interesting question I have been mulling around in my head lately. Should I carry my degree with me everywhere and just rub it in everyones face? listen, I know a degree in political science is next to worthless, that being said, did I earn the right of douche-baggery after spending 4 years and copious amounts of money to get this piece of paper? I think so.

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