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Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Religion Is A Lot Like A Credit Card..."

Meet Kyle Kinane, stand-up comedian. I understand the video is 14 minutes long, but trust me, stick with it.

First off, he's absolutely right, now that I think of it. Grab life by the horns, sure, but keep it above the belt, and I think you'll be fine every time. And as far as religion is concerned, isn't that the argument of every pretentious 20-something year old who just discovered its cool to disown religion? Classic.

Finally, the pizza bit is absolutely hilarious. The whole time he was talking about it, I tried to imagine a pizza that big, and its absolutely ridiculous that someone actually makes that. 4 and a half feet by 4 and a half feet. What do you do with that? Imagine how many people could eat that one piece, and how many people would be assholes and snatch up the crust pieces so you're left with the greasy floppy middle pieces? I guess not that it would matter, since there's 18 feet of crust pieces, really...

Thanks to Bill for the link.

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