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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is This What The World Is Coming To?

1,400 Bernie Brewer lawn ornaments were hidden across Wisconsin as a promotion for the Milwaukee Brewers' organization. The statues contained tickets, coupons and autographs. A great idea by the ball club, with a miserable result.

The ornaments were put out early this morning, but those who placed them were apparently stalked by some greedy bastards who wanted first dibs. The rules of the Bernie Brewer scavenger hunt, that came directly from the Brewers' organization stated that there was to be one per household. Instead of getting two or three, people are apparently snatching them up in groups of more than 10 in some cases.

There are even some statues on eBay, going for roughly $200, even though they are sold in the Brewers' team store for $48.

Could this be any more ridiculous? Absolutely not. A great promotional call by the Brewers, and it was absolutely ruined by a few selfish assholes. Think of how many kids were pumped to run around their local parks looking for these statues only to hear that some 30-year-old jerk already swept the area at about 6am, hot on the trail of the employee laying them out. That's absolutely pathetic, if you ask me. People are so dumb sometimes, it is truly baffling to me.

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