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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Big Mac vs The Chemist

Nevermind the new movie coming out in March, you're looking at a clash of the titans for the ages right here. Mark Mcgwire, who finally stepped down off his pedestal and admitted to taking steroids during the "historical" 1998 season, could do nothing but trip over his own tongue during his first interview with Bob Costas of MLB Network since the confession. “Back in the day, that was it, it was readily available, guys at gyms talked about it. I believe it was the winter of 89 into 90, I was given a couple weeks worth. I tried it, and I moved on from it," said Mcgwire.

Whether or not it was even worth mentioning that he moved on is highly questionable. Mcgwire lied to the U.S. government while under oath, and now he's just furthering the lie. Once Big Mac was done whispering sweet nothings to Costas, his next interview included the quote that seemed to have lit a small flame under Canseco's 'roid-ridden ass.
“I’m not going to stoop to his level, none of that stuff happened, he knows it, and I know it." Mark was referring to accusations made in Canseco's book, "Juiced."

“It’s an arena, it’s an area, that MLB and these players can’t go, I stand there alone. They know they can’t go there. What Mcgwire has suffered, and I can say it straight to [his] face, is nothing, not even remote to what I have suffered. And he sits there and starts crying," said Canseco in his interview with ESPN.
With one last final blow, Canseco said: "Mark, there's no crying in baseball, you know that."

I remember watching Big Mac during the 1999 Home Run Derby at Fenway Park, and going crazy when he hit one onto the Mass Pike. I literally had never marveled at anything like I did on that night. I guess this is a sign of the times, a serious wake-up call to diehard baseball fans. We're always going to have that suspicion now, and there's nothing that can be done. As far as Canseco goes, I'll let you 'Youtube' the video of the home run ball bouncing off of his head over the wall, or the time he entered that MMA fight. The choice is yours, enjoy.

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