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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Martha Coakley is a Genuine Chocolate Face

It takes a real idiot to blow a 20 point lead when running for the late senator Ted Kennedy's' seat as the Democratic nominee. Massachusetts is the nation's most liberal state. Boston is Massachusetts' most liberal city. Martha has good ol' El Presidente out on the campaign trail and she continues to lose her edge in the polls.

Why, you ask? Just watch the video.

Yes, Martha, George Bush is a Republican. Putting a picture of him next to Scott Brown to show he's a Republican doesn't prove that Scott Brown will suck, too.

And at the 7 second mark in the video, what point are you trying to prove? All republicans are Nazis? Or was that just a bad picture choice?

Oh yeah, 19 seconds in, you show a crying girl and say Scott Brown "deny's rape victims care". At least he doesn't exploit them in a commercial to get votes.

Last but not least, the lady can't spell Massachusetts 28 second mark.

Way to go, Martha. Good luck in the election today.

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