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Monday, January 25, 2010


Listen up, sports fans. As everyone knows, yesterday was a great day for the National Football League. The Jets finally lost, Brett Favre was carried off the field, and... who dat in the Super Bowl?!?

Both were great games to watch, but I just feel bad for the refs of the NFC Championship who had to go home and tell their wives that they were screwing everyone at that game. They were throwing flags like Dennis Quaid throws himself into terrible movies.

I think the most ridiculous thing about today's action was the Madden 2010 simulation of both match-ups. Why? Because the final scores were a combined touchdown with the extra point off. Combined. A Madden 2010 game engine, simulated these two games before they happened, and the results were 31-17 for the Jets-Colts, and 34-31 for the Vikings-Saints. Now, i know there's really no relevance in these games, they're just video games, but that's pretty wacky, so let me enjoy this.

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  1. good post, excellent dennis quaid namedrop.